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Manage users

If you have the role of Admin in Helm, you’ll see an Administration icon on the sidebar. You can manage both your users and your products from here.
You can view all users and their current permissions, indicated by their role. You can also find a particular user by searching on their name.
How do I add new users?
You can't currently add new users in Administration. Contact us to get them added for you!
Administration columns
This is the user’s full name, followed by a role token that indicates their permission level. It cannot be changed by the user or admin.
Helm has two roles:
  • Admin: This user has access to everything in Helm, including products. If you do not want a user to have access to all products, make them a user, then edit their permissions for the appropriate products. Only Administrators can create aliases to link software in their SBOM to known software in the NVD. An admin may not change their own role, but they can change the role of other admins.
  • User: This user only has the permissions one of the Admins has specified.
This is the user’s email address. It cannot be changed by the user or admin.
Click the edit icon to modify the user’s role type. You cannot modify their email address or name.
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