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Getting around Helm

Top navigation bar
In the top navigation bar, you can access your profile, as well as sign out of Helm. You can also search within your vulnerabilities or your SBOMs, as detailed below.
You can access any main page in the sidebar, including Products (SBOMs), Vulnerabilities, Global search discovery, Help, and Admin. If you need help getting started at any time, click Help for some paths to get you started, whether you have an SBOM yet or not.

Search and filter

Product/version selection bar
You can upload your SBOM, specifing the product and version that you want to associate this SBOM with. You can then switch between SBOMs by selecting the appropriate product and version you want to work with.
Filter bar
Depending on the page you’re on, these filters will vary. Refer to each main page below for more information.
From any page in Helm, you can search on either vulnerabilities (Vuln ID) or on dependency components (SBOM) in the global search box in the top navigation bar. See Global search for more information.
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