Helm terminology



This is what may be referred to as a component in other systems. It is the firmware, software, patches, or operating system that is installed on the physical representations of your device (e.g., Windows, OpenSSL). In this help center, it is referred to as a dependency component.


This is the dependency component’s version (e.g., 10.1 for Windows).


This is the dependency component’s supplier’s name (e.g., Microsoft for Windows).


Chips are used like tags. In the editable state, they include an x to remove them.

Depending on the use case, some chip states can only be removed by unchecking the drop-down options.


Tokens are used for elements to indicate things like matching sources or that a dependency was not found in the NVD.


Panels refer to panels that slide-out from the right of the main page. You can close a panel to return to the main (or parent) page from which it was launched.

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