Find out what products contain a particular dependency component

From any page in Helm, you can search on dependency components (SBOM) across all products using the global search box in the top navigation bar. For example, you may want to find all products that are running the Windows 10 operating system.

  1. In the global search box on any page, select SBOM from the search drop-down. Alternately, you can go directly to the Discover page to run searches. Either way, your last search results will display on this page, if you need to return to them.

  2. Type in a dependency component name, such as Windows 10, then press Enter to run the search.

  3. From Actions > …, you can then jump to either viewing Products (SBOM) or Vulnerabilities.

View products and versions that contain a component

If you jump to this product, you’ll be able to see which product and product versions contain that dependency component and version. From the Actions > … button, you can choose to view more details, add a review note, view review history, and more.

View vulnerabilities for a dependency component

If you jump to vulnerabilities for this dependency component, you can view the applicable vulnerabilities. From the Actions > … button, you can manage each vulnerability, including adding review notes and setting the Resolution. If you change this resolution, it will update the Review status.

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