Archive a product or remove a product version

You can archive and unarchive products, as well as remove product versions.

Archive and unarchive a product:

  1. In the Software Bill of Materials product drop-down list , hover over the product you want to archive, then click the trash icon. This will archive the product.

  2. To unarchive a product, simply add the product again with the exact same name. This will automatically unarchive the product, its associated versions, and all dependency components. If you don't want to unarchive the product, add the product with a slightly different name.

Delete a product version:

  1. In the Software Bill of Materials version drop-down list, hover over the version you want to delete, then click the trash icon. This will delete the product version. Make sure that you really want to delete this product version. Unlike products, you cannot currently unarchive a product version by adding the same product version. If this is a functionality that is important to you, let us know so that we can prioritize it!

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