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Helm 2.62.5 release notes


  • Windows KB patch support
  • In-app status notifications
  • Performance and user experience improvements

Native support for Microsoft Windows KBs

Although a lot of medical devices run on Microsoft Windows operating systems, the NVD does not account for vulnerabilities having been patched by Windows KBs, making it very difficult to understand what vulnerabilities might still be impacting your device. You can now add KBs to your devices running a Windows OS, aligning your digital product version with your physical test device and thus ensuring that you have an accurate list of vulnerabilities that impact your Windows device.

In-app status notifications

You’ll now see in-app status notifications in the top-right corner to let you know that an action has been completed, such as uploading an SBOM or applying KBs to a product version.

Performance improvements and bug fixes

We’ve made significant performance improvements, as well as several enhancements to improve your user experience.

Let us know how we’re doing!

We welcome your feedback on these new features, and would love to hear about other feature suggestions that would further enhance your experience.

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